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Few societies have been as enthusiastic about eating their own young as Japan. Their rapidly declining population is evidence of the wisdom of their decisions. If the remaining otaku or emerging low waged underclass don't consume enough magical fighting school girl anime from Sony Entertainment and its ilk then the solution is obviously to lock em all up. As with much of Asia, nothing of consequence can ever be discussed because such topics are sensitive issues that go against the grain of social cohesion and conformity. Making people uncomfortable is impolite. Japan's hell bent desire for national seppuku rather than facing up to the failings of its elders is perhaps not the best model for anyone else to follow. Many studies have shown a relationship between piracy and paid for media consumption. If nothing else piracy demonstrates and area of demand that can be exploited - assuming your company is not so far up its own backside prattling on about business is war that it can see an opportunity. While it is not like Sony to completely fail to read a market these harsh laws against sharing have perhaps dealt it and other corporate sponsors of fascist stupidity a blow. Not that that is entirely a bad thing.

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