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I have two sons living with me, one of whom has a girlfriend who also lives here.

The house is owned by me, and the account that we have with our ISP is in my name. Everyone living in the house has free and open access to the ISP account via WiFi.

I have no idea how each individual uses our shared internet connection, nor do I wish to know. I am letting them use my ISP account in much the same way that I let them use the water and electricity supply. If they choose to drown or electrocute somebody, I am not legally responsible.

Unlike the situation with the water or electricity, am I to be held responsible for the actions of these other people? Must we have four separate ISP accounts? We have a single copper wire land line connection. As with the water and electricity, I don't even think four separate accounts over a single connection are possible.

How do I avoid being held responsible for the actions of other adults, if there is no mechanism provided for me to do so?

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