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Agile is not a Pancea

Agile has serious issues these days but going back to hack and hope development is not a solution either.

Agile wannabes often suffers from a creed of people who chase technology and what to use it whatever the cost. Sometimes these leaves software written badly because the technology was never understood when it was used and small teams with several different technologies, meaning everytime a dev works on a different application they need to relearn; killing productivity.

A second issue is the love of TDD, it's not a pancea for all ills. Writing tests first can be a great tool, but as a design tool it'll just as much validate and produce a bad design and bad code as a good one; at the end of the day it always comes down to a developers ability to visualize the solution.

Also writing tests, whether before or afterwards, to test behaviour of a service layer will by definition test all the functionality underneath it within the domain layer, meaning tests written against a domain layer are often duplicates of other tests.

Other aspects of agile such as Kanban management can be a great tool, however, to ensure work gets done.

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