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John Tserkezis

If we self-ban any vendors who do this shit...

We'll run out of vendors to buy from.

And when you decide to go "old school" again, the paper you write on will have a watermarked ad on it, and the pens will reveal a bikini shop website, rather than an actual bikini-clad girl.

When you're tired of that, the knife you use to slash your wrists will be engraved with the phone number of a very privately run hosptial. And since insurance won't cover you, bring you credit card, you know, the one with more ads on it. Hold onto it, you're going to need some reading material while you're waiting in the emergency room alongside everyone who had the same idea.

Since this isn't a suitable outcome, we should loudly and publically make fun of them at every opportunity. Yes, that's you, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Samsung and all the other f**kers who are going try it in future.

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