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Advice has been to steer clear since MS "stunned" the world back in 2010/2011 ? by stating that safe harbour or not, if they were served with a PATRIOT Act warrant, they would cough up the data

A say "stunned" because it shouldn't have come as a shock - it was *exactly* what the PATRIOT Act was designed to do - steamroller Uncle Sam through any previous legislated safeguards. And it wasn't like it was kept secret - it was flagged at the time. However, I suspect the moneymen just made some vague noises, and said everything would be OK.

I hope if a company clouding it is sued because Uncle Sam sneaks their data (it *is* encrypted isn't it ?), a UK court hands them their arse, and rubbishes any "how could we have known" wails.

Another risk from the PATRIOT Act is it can be used to shut down *any* US controlled data centre. Irrespective of physical location. So if you go into work one day, and your data and/or service has gone AWOL because Uncle Sam figured a data centre in Manchester owned by AnyCorp inc.

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