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@Terje - and how are they supposed to do a clean install?

Consumer laptops don't get any media any more to rebuild the user partition.

There may be a vendor-supplied partition that contains the means to rebuild the original user partition, but why would I trust it?

Why would I trust some DVDs that were distributed by Lenovo (or any other vendor) since they can have the same malware.

Why would I trust a download from a web site linked to the vendor? Or to M$, or <younameit>?

In the end, it doesn't make any difference. The <conspiracy_agencies> has already modified your BIOS and your HDD firmware to do their bidding. I can imagine that these lower-level techniques are now promulgating outside of our <trusted_agencies>.

If anything, all these new stories about rootkits, zero-days, firmware diddling - all they do is open up channels for spying and PROVE that we are being spied upon - by whom? Probably by Many Eyes (Five + Israeli + Russian + ...)

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