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Penny for the Guy

(Haven't stopped by El Reg for, maybe 3 years or so. Paris Hilton still? Seriously guys?)

So, if the supposed "high end" version of the wonderwatch will cost (according to the Wall Street Journal) "more than Apple's current high-end product"... that puts it in the neighborhood of what? $4000+ USD? For a goddamned WATCH.

Any possible chance that a little philanthropy will possibly get in motion soon, Cupertino? Or are you hoarding it all for something..... else? You guys make Scrooge McDuck blush.

inb4 Jobs' half-assed attempt at RED, or Cook throwing a few coins in the HIV fountain. Something genuine, you greedy inhuman, hipster scumbags. Or will the CEO need to contract full-blown AIDS to become the Gates of that disease?

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