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Your personal experience may not be definitive. We've been using Scrum for years, and I've generally found the daily scrums useful. I'm in three feature teams at the moment, which means 15 scrums a week; they rarely take more than fifteen minutes a day together, and I'd estimate at least one participant learns something useful about the state of the release in 10-12 of them.

Scrums are brilliant for team newbies. I'm a remote worker on a new dev team, and the daily scrums mean that there is a guaranteed 15-30 minutes* each day when all the busy people who already know everything about the system stop and talk about it for a bit. If I have a question on how to proceed, what something does, or I need help on some stack trace explosion that happened because silly ol' me dared to run "bower update", I can get assistance.

*10 mins of team updates, generally extended by a follow-on discussion on some aspect of dev

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