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Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all

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I work within an enterprise, where agile has so much management overhead that it doesn't feel particularly agile. Daily scrum meetings, bi-weekly sprint planning, constantly having to log my work hours and update my progress in JIRA (seriously, fuck JIRA) - it doesn't feel like a bunch of eager coders working together to Get Stuff Done. If anything, I feel more micromanaged than ever, having come from a team some years previous where Get Stuff Done was the ruling mantra, and solo coders were allowed to wander off and create prototypes for things they'd come up with in the shower. We used to get crazy amounts of code written, whilst still looking out for each other.

I'm working with good people, and some of the overhead is useful, but when you start on at me about story points and work logs and all this other bullshit, I just want you to leave me alone so I can write code.

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