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Yes, and the NHS ALSO says that saturated fat and cholesterol cause CVD/CHD, eating fat makes you fat, grains and starches are healthy, calories in > calories out = weight loss. A low-fat/high-carb, calorie-restricted diet = weight loss, eating a high fat diet causes gallstones, eating red meat will kill you… I'm struggling, really STRUGGLING, to think of of a single NHS proclamation containing the tiniest grain of truth - nope, aren't any.

Wanna know why this country is fat and sick…? The NHS is the reason this country is fat and sick. If you wanna remain relatively healthy, simply do the exact opposite of what the NHS tells you, especially when it comes to diet. According to NHS Choices, everything we've been eating since the dawn of man (red meat, saturated fat, cholesterol, etc.) is suddenly gonna kill us and, everything we've only been cultivating for a mere 10k years or so is a health food! The evidence for the bullshit is out there if you look, I'll give you some starter pages:

Http:// (ex-NHS GP, hounded out of the NHS for telling the truth about saturated fat, cholesterol, statins and CVD/CHD. The 'diet-heart hypothesis' was debunked in the late 70s, yet kids attending med school today are STILL taught it as though it was fact. Dr. Kendrick is also an advocate for a low-carb/high-fat palaeo-style diet. Author of 'The Great Cholesterol Con')

Http:// (blog of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Swedish GP, and another LCHF palaeo advocate)

Http:// (website for South African-shot film about the dangers of a so-called 'healthy' Western diet)

Http:// (LCHF advocate, health myth debunker, and author of 'Your Personal Paleo Code')

I'll tell this to you straight: the NHS has two ambitions

1. Making the UK the world's fattest and sickest nation

2. Arse-fucking Big Pharma as it does so

Do you realise that many GPs are little more than Big Pharma salesmen…? They're not remotely interested in your health, merely in shoving their employer's latest poison at you, for which they'll receive a decent commission. They draw a big fat NHS salary and another from Big Pharma.

Keep reading that GPs are leaving the NHS due to 'stress'…? I suspect their consciences have bested them and they've been hounded out for speaking the truth.

If anyone who reads this is currently taking any kind of statin, I URGE you to read Dr. Kendrick's book. It could, very literally, save your life. If you're taking statins, chances are you're also taking a PPI and something for GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). Your GP will tell you that heartburn/acid reflux is caused by EXCESS stomach acid, this is bullshit, heartburn (which may lead to GORD) is actually caused by INSUFFICIENT acid and taking a PPI will increase your risk of developing an ulcer, which will increase your chances of developing gastric cancer and continual acid reflux increases the chance of oesophageal cancer.

I expect a billion DVs for this, but I speak truth…

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