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The watch should, in theory, light up when you raise it up... though at the time of its unveiling they were still ironing out the niggles.

What's the point? Primarily, the ability to read a notification / ignore an unimportant call without having to dig your phone out of your pocket. I can imagine that being useful for some people more than others. That caveat probably applies to a lot of its functions; I for one would find a device that helps me find my phone very useful.

So far, so good - but the above functionality is already available from 3rd party manufacturers, ranging from cheap Chinese websites through to Casio and Citizen.

What the Apple Watch offers over these is a tighter integration of software on the watch and on its companion iPhone, and this thing called Apple Pay. This might prove to be a killer app for some people, but there are some rival payment systems jostling about.

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