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I was at Data Domain when the whole NetApp / EMC thing went down. I remember attending an all-hands where Dan W (and I believe Tom G and Tom M both attended, although the details are kind of fuzzy, so I could be wrong on that) spoke to us all and told us how great it was we were going to become part of the NetApp team.

I remember thinking to myself, I can't believe Joe Tucci at EMC isn't making a play. IIRC, shortly after that is when they started bidding.

Excitement was high that if somebody was going to acquire Data Domain, people wanted it to be NetApp, but I thought sure that was a pipe dream for NetApp because there was no freaking way their pockets were as deep as EMC's. Sure enough, they were outbid and EMC got us.

I couldn't have cared less one way or the other since I was a post-IPO employee and didn't have much equity in the company. But I was surprised when, after the acquisition closed, they left us pretty much alone, at least at my level. I have a friend over there now, however, who says the place is very solidly EMC now - no shred of Data Domain's culture left.

Friends of mine over at NetApp at the time told me people were crushed NetApp didn't get Data Domain. It sounded like some people definitely viewed it as a solid defeat at the hands of the enemy.

Interesting times...

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