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I read it as you did - but didn't think it was pointless.

After only a year, there's not going to be much that's 'his' - but seems to have taken the initiatives that were floating around when he arrived and supported the good ones, and killed the less good ones (I have never seen anybody bemoaning the death of RT).

Feels like MS is thinking about making a come-back, after decades of frankly 'being boring' - I really don't mind what their long term plan for Mojang is, but it's not boring. The Surface 3 might be losing money - but first thing in a long time I picked up and thought "this is really quite clever, and I see where we're going".

Feel a bit more like google now, with interesting stuff popping up - which may or may not work out, but at least gives the impression that under the hood something is stirring and stretching.

Compare to Apple, their traditional enemy, who was always seen as the 'hip' and 'dynamic' one - new screen size, adding NFC finally and a smart watch that may eventually appear after everybody elses (including MS)

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