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No innovation

No innovation

1) Storage mgmt tool is so poor. Browser or gui lack of many stuff. Never improve at all since 5 years ago til now. Still have to rely on typing stupid keyboard command.

2) Upgrade 7mode to Cmode required new landscape and h/w, a bunch of knowledge curve change.

Huge money involved.

3) Every 5th year maintenance price will increase very high.

4) Technology is very old consider the high price storage.

5) Every single feature required separate license. Cannot transfer license to new environment when upgrade of h/w.

6) The promise of maintain customer investment was just a sale gimmick. Maintenance cost is indeed very high.

7) FAS series now is either entry or high spec, took out the middle spec level. Forcing customers to go high model.

8) Migration to new box even on 7mode is painful. No simple tool to help with the transition.

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