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I wonder if they really believe the story that 40 deals slipped and thats what the problem is at NetApp.

Ill raise a couple of things

1) 7 mode to Cmode. Disruptive upgrade which is what NetApp has been able to beat up it's competitors for years now. Customers may as well test the market given 7 mode to cmode is a complex upgrade

2) Features. It has taken nearly 3 years for NetApp to get close to feature parity between the OS' meaning the time taken to close a normally easier sale is significantly more complex and harder to get across the line

3) All the Core NetApp principles are disappearing. CMode isnt exactly simple compared to 7 mode meaning most of the messages that have been so successful have either disappeared or it's competitors have neutralized.

4) NetApp's Flash Strategy is wishywashy. EF is Fast but no Features, All Flash FAS is WAFL with SSD. We all know WAFL is optimised to write to disk in the same way VNX and HUS is.

5) FlashRay has been promised for 18 months now and the first version is a single controller with limited features and only available in BETA.

No wonder Georgens is saying its a sales issue. If i was a NetApp sales person, I'd be confused as all hell on what to sell too. If he wants to hang anyone out to drive it should be the NetApp Product Development Teams.

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