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Nice you got out of the cave to leave a message, mathew42, GET A GRIP, it's 2015, 4K TV/Video streaming will kill the speeds & bandwidths that Liberal Halfwits think will be OK (12/1), China is making the devices that will use it, Very Cheap, in BULK, NOW ... This is part of the computer industry, last 43 years I have been involved, the numbers go UP, not DOWN, Speed required has been going up for years, NOW Neanderthals think it's fast enough, or enough download, WAKE UP, don't your knuckles get sore, dragging them like that .... <----------- I mirror PUBLIC DOMAIN from here, Silents, Newsreel, Documentaries, Really Bad Sci-FI, So What ?, it's legal & I pay for my connection to USE IT !!!!

I a 8bit 300 baud card modem here, if I could find a motherboard for it, I would give it to Malcom to check email with, cause it seems Progress in the NBN is futile, liberals will kill it, They have NOT got Australia's interests at Heart, they are American lackies, and want to turn it into More Money for their American friends, because they are greedy pigs, and want metered Internet to charge a Premium price for last centuries technology & Not replace the EXISTING system with a replacement, but a modified "financial" model that is scaled to income ....... Thats the Liberal version of Fair USE, they get to use us. Abbott is a pommy anyway, 1st thing he did was reintroduce knighthoods, so he could give Phil one, and lay Doggo waiting for Phil to send one back, Pity we can't sentence them to transportation .... The UK wouldn't take them ...

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