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It's Simple

Market is the same size with more competitors trying to get a slice of the pie. It's as simple as that. That said,

Lot of deals in the 50-100k range in mid-market, channel driven. Most of the new entrants only deal with the channel.

Netapp's primary challenge is they've disarmed one weapon they had. Their channel partners. netapp have elected to work with fewer of them on larger deals believing that most of the MSB workloads will be moving to the cloud. That belief is actually true, however, it's not happening on this sales cycle.

I find some of the ontap comments completely ignorant. Yes, it's ontap in the cloud which would allow an enterprise complete control of its data with the same processes it uses today, never mind the data mobility aspect of it. That's a great story!

In any case, netapp's problem is its MSB strategy. It's not what it used to be and that's the difference.

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