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I just bought a Pure FA-450 and a FA-405...

And I can say firsthand that the out of box experience is vastly superior to both EMC and NetApp.

They seriously packed a 6 in 1 screwdriver into the kit so I would have everything I needed to get it up and running, and the system was up within 15 minutes of finishing the HW install, provisioning iSCSI with full dedupe and compression running by default - no RAID quibbling or setup required.

Its because of products like this, and their soon to be announced next-gen all flash scale out product that people will wet their pants for (I've seen it) that companies like EMC and NetApp are having a hard time, you don't need 50,000 employees to make these things (EMC just fired about 10k people and thus are down from 60k employees).

Those companies are paying for buildings, parking lots, and more than one crusty behind the times engineers. They didn't stay hungry, efficient, and lean - they went big, went corporate, and went home.

I've seen the X-Brick...guess what...its 550k for 11.5TB RAW and puts out ~960MBps with 4k sectors...I got them to max it out with I believe 64k sectors and it hit 1160MBps. Mind=Blown on that one, my FA-405 was under 100k and blows the doors off it. Sure you can chain more than one X-Brick together, apparently you can stack like 32 of a cost of like 16 million dollars....

This is a car and horse buggy situation.

Two things happened. One, technology marched, it always does. Two, the C level asshats at EMC and NetApp decided to see how long they could milk selling people racks and racks of disks because the margin was higher than selling them 10U of flash. They literally created their own competition because the market saw, and had time, to create whole companies to exploit the intentional market gaps left open by those two companies as they tried to convince everyone to buy their old crap. Its their fault that the tech isint as seasoned and widespread as it could be, they simply didn't want to cannibalize their own market segments just because the tech advanced. That would be real engineering work advancing & customizing and shrinking their footprint, but they want to sell you expensive widgets with shiney nameplates on them.

You can either tell customers that the 5 million dollar array they just bought can be matched by a new product at 1/8th the cost or you can pretend that tech does not exist and keep selling high priced junk. They would rather sell you a rack of metal struggling to give you 100k sustained IOPS than admit that a single SSD can give over 100k IOPS, and a fusion IO card can give over 5 million, so just buy this synology rather than our array because as a business you likely don't even need that level of performance and thus tech has commoditzed our lower performance their simply by advancing.

Do you or do you not think that some young internal engineer came up to them and said: if I put all flash in a VNX it outperforms the VMAX, what do you think? I think that PowerPoint went to marketing and finance and it was DOA. No way were going to offer something at 1/8th the price with 8x performance...bad business.

I'm going to reward forward pushing tech companies with my purchasing powers, not entrenched interests. Companies like Pure are the reason that job titles such as SAN Engineer are dissapearing or having their scope GREATLY expanded because the field is evolving, we no longer need a dedicated person to keep the magic working at the smaller scales - tech has advanced...teir 3 admins can handle most of those duties now. People who get excited over big iron spinning disks remind me of my audiophile uncles that squeel over oxygen free pure copper audio cables - fangirling at the what was cool when they were coming up and failing to keep with what makes the most sense based on what we as a species are capable

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