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ONTAP isn't putting NetApp ONTOP

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I would argue they are not OnTap centric enough. The reason I never sell E series is because it doesn't do what NetApp does so well, and right now the same goes for FlashRay (although that's not even aimed at the normal all flash market). Fair enough, the data access layer of OnTap may not be ideal for all scenarios, but the software stack they have is second to none in the industry, and many of our customers will happily use OnTap if it means fully automated private cloud, no backup tapes, no D2D nonsense, and no backup software while removing the load from the network through no longer streaming backups all night, and using ODX accross protocols for copy and move. NetApp makes IT feel like the future while most other vendors remain completely unchanged, and those that tick the boxes of integrated backup for instance, seem to do so very badly.

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