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"I have 30 year old audio CDs that still play, and some CD-R disks that I recorded before the millennium that still can be read."

The CD-R's recovery reliability depends mainly on the quality of the material used in the medium, usually some kind of dye. Cheapo ones, based on my personal experience, start to fade over time even if you keep them under wraps. I once did a migration from CD-Rs and DVD-Rs that resulted in more than a few gaps in the recovery. That's one reason I'm interested in the M-Disc since that sets a nice, high bar for medium reliability. Combined with a little parity data per disc, one should be able to store it someplace safe and still count on it to be readable a decade or two later if necessary.

I just wish there was something bigger on the consumer level. 100GB is still a bit small for today's packrat level of data accumulation.

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