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Re: So does it *just* support iCloud? What about home NAS?

Yes... the file-server NAS setup is good for me - I've got a Synology box sat at home happily storing a few TB of data - Time Machine backups, music, video etc. and that's great. So I have the available space and device on the LAN. Just need to be able to use it.

As before, the use scenario is that I have a large amount of photos which cannot all be stored locally on the machine. However, I want a unified photo app so that I can access *all* of the photos through a uniform interface, irrespective of where they are stored - locally or on a NAS device somewhere else on the LAN. At times, I will want to use the app and access (locally stored) photos when not connected to the LAN, and I don't want the app to throw a hissy-fit about not being to access the other photos. Overall, the basic cloud/cloud app scenario.

To me, the basic question is whether the new Photo app will allow a NAS device to be the "cloud" or whether it is locked down to a specific cloud provider i.e. iCloud.

Thoughts/feedback much appreciated. TIA.

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