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That would be legal but where would you run the ducts too? The telephone exchange or some other point? Are you going to just run past homes, or up to the front door? Not every premises owner will want you on their land, but if you don't then the providers you sell to still need to dig every time they sell something. If they do dig the last bit, is that duct exclusively theirs or will you compel them to make it available to other providers?

It's going to cost the council about 2,500 euros per house to get to the door. If only one in four houses want service, how will the council recoup the ten thousand euro cost per household? If it's less than that - one in ten say - that problem just became huge.

Finding the money is also tricky - if the council covers a moderately sized town - say 10,000 premises - homes and businesses, that's 25 million euros. You have to do every premises else voters start muttering and complaining about their local taxes. Even then, voters who choose not to have the service will still have paid the tax. Poorer and older voters subsidising a service used mainly by younger, richer residents - how many pensioners do you know with 4K tellys and multiple devices?

Most local politicians would decide that all of the above doesn't add up to much of a vote winner.

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