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This optical disc will keep your gumble safe for 2,000 YEARS


Yes, but in 10 years or 20

There will be a gazillion byte long term storage device that will allow you to use a auto feeding reader for the old rubbish 100GB discs that you have to all be transferred to one new one.

Then, you or your children can make the next transfer 10 years later so that that photo you took at a party no-one is even alive to remember can be preserved for the future anthropologists to ponder why people carried devices on sticks to point at themselves in the first place.

What data is required to be kept a millennium?, we have very few, like the Magna Carta, but they are still only of historical interest - losing them wouldn't remove the rights they didn't give us (I am not a Baron).

However, 30/40/50 years without having to be re-recorded to ensure integrity, very useful. The British library and, no doubt, the future Youtube will care.

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