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If I met a woman at a bar..

and casually asked her what she did, and she casually answered me: "IT Bitch", I would be more than a little impressed. On both counts.

First of all for being a girly that knows more than how to 'switch it off and switch it on again' (I jest), and secondly for having a sense of humour and pre-empting the idiot men and lad's prejudices.

Apart from that it just sounds 'cool'.

"Oh, so what do you do?"

"I'm an IT Bitch!"

"Fancy a pint of real Ale?"

"It's on me"

I live in a fantasy land, I know.

I used to hang out a lot with the 'Saffas' as they were affectionately know amongst themselves, in London. The Australians were 'Ozzies', the New Zealanders were 'Kiwis', and the Sith Afrikins, well, now you know.

I learned to tell the difference between an Ozzie and a Kiwi accent 9 times out of ten, which is pretty imprissive (sorry) impressive by anyone's standards. What surprised we was the fact that I would mix up the Kiwis with the Saffas, more often than not. A Kiwi accent can be as much like a Saffa accent as it can an Ozzie one, but very few took offense, saying that they couldn't always tell themselves.

Great people, loved them. In fact I think I ended up liking the girls/women more than the boys/men. They were just so damn feisty and in with the lads. I saw them treated with a lot of respect by the men. I think they knew not to stick their fingers into the hornet's nest, so to speak.

I'm off. Hopefully I offended somebody with this post. (Actually that was not my intent at all, but there's a lot of special little flowers out there)

Actually, I've had a brainstorm. I'm going to stop printing those 'No, I WON'T fix your computer for you!' T-Shirts, and just start a new line of 'IT Bitch!', in pink and red or course.

I mean, would you dare ask a woman what she did if she was wearing a big f off 'IT Bitch!' T-Shirt? I for one, would not. Free Ale or no.

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