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Exactly. This article is, in my opinion, pure drivel and in no way reflective of the reality of South Africa, except for the complaining about Eskom. She supposedly lives in Gauteng yet didn't complain about E-tolls, crime (and the SAPS), or xenophobic violence. Something isn't right. I mean I know you don't tend to see brutal reality from Sandton, where a white woman who is paid in GBP is most likely living but its not possible to be that blind to the world around you, is it?

I have a very strong feeling this article is written like an advertisement because she's trying to publicly kiss the cANCer's posterior and call attention to it because her visa's coming up for renewal, she even had a little mandatory blame for apartheid thrown in for good measure. She also made sure to mention BEE, without even mentioning that only a very, very few people who just so happen to be connected cadres in the ANC, COSATU, and SACP have had any kind of an impact on their lives because of it. I don't care for Malema's racism or pseudo-Military bullshit in the EFF, but he's dead on about the inequality and corruption (see the Arms Deal, Finish and Klaar Selebi, Limpopo Textbooks, Guptagate, Nkandla, etc etc) that the ANC serves to perpetuate.

I love South Africa, but I'm not blind to the mess that they're in back there, which could have been avoided but Polokwane and Showerhead happened. Not that Mbeki was too much better.

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