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The EMC guys keep trying to bring the positioning back to VNX & VMAX's ageing architectures vs 3PAR, that way they can avoid having to do a 1 to 1 comparison of 3PAR vs XtremIO both on paper and in the field.

EMC's attempts to contain this conversation by repeating these claims as often as possible should be pretty transparent, They are visibly behind the curve here in both the AFA and Hybrid space and are simply trying to skew the market to their strengths until they can claim come form of feature parity. At the end of the day all the whizz bang dedupe and compression features only actually benefit the Customer if they can reduce his purchase price vs the competition and that simple fact isn't being reflected in many of the AFA vendors pricing, especially given their lack of enterprise features.

The fact is that 3PAR has a completely different and superior architecture, both in software and hardware than either of the above legacy platforms (both 20+years). Neither does it have any specific dependencies of spinning disk, it's a clustered I/O engine that can function and function well with any type of persistent storage (SLC, eMLC, cMLC) both now and into the future, and crucially it also has field PROVEN data services.

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