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Re: So does it *just* support iCloud? What about home NAS?

I use the globalsan iscsi (snow leopard client / suse backend) for time machine and that seems to be fine. Of course, whether you want to do that over wireless is a different matter.

I've found the SMB server with snow leopard falls over if you have something like amarok trying to access the itunes music directory. I ended up rsyncing to a linux box and serving out to linux over NFS from there. I'm sure its has improved with Yosemite though...

I find the NAS thing a bit of a non-starter, but that's because I want a proper home server, not just a file-server. My home server midi-tower case has space for eight disks, runs mysql, mythtv and so on. There are a couple of 7200 rpm disks for Mythtv, 5400 rpm disks for long term video storage, a couple of disks for backups/iscsi. How much will a NAS with eight slots cost you? Do you need a compute node running as well?

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