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So does it *just* support iCloud? What about home NAS?

I'm just using the free iPhoto app on my MacBook Pro at home. However, the big issue that I've got is the library - I've got the best part of 200GB of photos in iPhoto (I know...) stored locally on my machine and need the space back. I've been avoiding doing anything about it, especially in the knowledge that iPhoto is being ditched, and so this is a good time to look at the available options. I *really* do not want to put my library on a cloud service - cost, speed etc. etc.

My major question is whether the Photos app supports libraries located on a NAS, i.e. can I have multiple libraries with some located on a NAS? And if I can, how is this set up? Are indexes stored locally for speedy and easy access, or does everything have to come from the NAS?

If not, I know that it has been asked in many places many times before, but any suggestions for a suitable non-pro package?

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