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Happy potential customer of XtremIO here... it depends on price I guess :)

In Dec 2014 my company tested XtremIO minimal config (I believe it;s the smallest possible) -- 13 disks, with our application transactional workload, Oracle based. Although I can not say what the max storage performance is, because we saturated all server CPUs before killing the array, we managed to achieve 117k IOPS at about 0.4ms latency with 1) majority of 8kB block size, 2) read/write ratio about 70/30. According to array management software, we were at about 45-50% XtremIO utilization. With low I/O workload, the latency was floating around 100-200 usec, same block size. Someone has cited 6000 IOPS with 3PAR 7450. Sure, it's possible, but this is a workload a single SSD drive can do.

The performance is only half of the story. At the same time we had 7.2:1 data reduction rate (3 copies of our application and database, compression ratio was around 2.5:1, dedup ratio 2.8:1, some benefit from thin provisioning).

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