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I've had a look at this

I've had a look at this new photos app and I've come to the conclusion that, as an Aperture user since 2008, I've been well and truly butt fucked. I have over 120,000 photos in that thing with around 15,000 fully edited. Moving to Adobe would be, well I'd rather jump off a cliff to be honest.

Ok, I know that software doesn't last forever and I'm reluctantly ok with that, software houses go out of business, that happens. But when a company drops one of it's pro packages, which a lot of professional users rely on, when it's making money hand over fist just entrenches the idea that Apple's is saying "we don't give a fuck about you, piss off".

I now do a lot of work with media production houses, specifically on the music side, and since Apple announced the end of aperture I've been cautioning users on doing long term projects with Logic, now I'm actively advising them on moving to Cubase or Ableton depending on their requirements. I'm no longer recommending Pro Tools as by all accounts Avid is going down the shitter. I do, however, understand why people need Pro Tools.

A tad miffed at the moment

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