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A challenge, but it's being taken up

Technology is two-edged, always. But here, I'm talking about the edge faced by the intelligence agencies, and corporate-owned "governments". It can fight back.

There are now strains of Android (let's just quietly ignore the hipster with the head shaped like a fruit trying to get our attention in the corner, and let's laugh at the random collection of ones and zeroes holding the four-colours flag as it gets kicked mewing and drooling out the door, shall we) that have Google's caring-sharing life-sucking tentacles removed, and have been hardened in other ways.

Ubuntu is becoming a popular handheld device OS.

There are homegrown efforts coming up that use other software, and indeed other hardware than the (cough cough) "major" brands do.

And online, the problems with TOR are being analysed out of the way (the entire paradigm sucks, because...), i2p2 grows and grows (...really, both endpoints need to be encapsulated within a network in order to be safe) and "illegal" - let's use the correct term: alegal - radio networks just keep popping up and refusing to be mole-whacked.

It's very annoying (for the surveillance sycoph... community), but some things are, albeit slowly, getting harder to find out, not easier. Bit like the MAFIAA discovering the public don't like being ripped off and neither do musicians.

Of course your standard thickhead won't care (and will continue using their real name on Facesucker, etc), until somebody dies or something big happens. But after that, suddenly they'll be on their car roofs beating their chests. FORTUNATELY, there will actually be tech there waiting for them with open arms.

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