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To which I'd add... "and most days, being a caption writer is thankless because NO ONE APPARENTLY BOTHERS TO READ THEM." :)

I was going to say "Guilty as charged M'Lud." but on looking back at the story, I'm pretty sure that second copy of the photo and it's caption were not there at the time I posted. The so-called "hero" image does not have a caption

I have noticed on on a number of occasions that the "hero" image has been removed after commentards posted about strange stock images being used with no relation to the story. Maybe this is a similar "correction" but they have to duplicate the image because the style/css layout doesn't allow for a "hero" caption. Likewise, a number of comments were posted during The Great Revamp Debate of 2014/15 about the huge "hero" image being followed by a short intro paragraph then the same image again before the story proper begins. It seems to me that some at El Reg are still not quite comfortable with the new style guide yet,

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