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Storage BLOG-OFF: HP's Johnson squares up to EMC's Chad Sakac

Nate Amsden Silver badge

I have been interested in trying some of the newer things, I just don't have an environment where I can take that kind of risk. Past companies had a lot more gear to play with..everything is so efficient and important here though that I try to be careful.. We do have a Nimble array at another site (sourced by IT I wasn't involved in that).

But I suppose the advanced data services aren't all that critical - I mean I don't use a whole lot on 3PAR. I don't use replication, I don't use many of the more advanced things (same goes for most tech I use, for some reason I tend to stick to the core stuff which tends to be the most solid whether it be storage, networking, vmware etc..). But the maturity aspect was important obviously. I've had my share of issues on 3PAR over the years.. I didn't think they would make it into the all flash world, I've been amazed at what they have accomplished though.

I'm sure XtremIO can work for a lot of folks..same for Pure storage and others..

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