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"I didn't think that Titius-Bode sequence was widely accepted as being anything other than a coincidence."

I've mentioned this in El Reg comments before when the subject of Bode has come up... but back in the early 1990s I did a maths GCSE for fun (already have an O level from school) and for the coursework I did a ridiculously long thing on Bode's Law - I keep hoping to find the file on one of my computers so I can re-read it, take out anything irrelevant and unnecessary, and throw the rest onto the web. Fat chance, though, because that was a silly number of computers ago - at least, that's what I thought.

I found a 3.5" disc recently with "Bode's Law" written on the label1. :)

Unfortunately, though, while I can read the disc if I drag the right computer down from the loft, what that computer won't be able to do is shove the contents over the network to my current computer(s). Or print it. Or anything useful, really. Still, it's a start. :)

1. Actually, it says "Bodes Law" - well, I was over twenty years younger.

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