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Fucking stupid ads

I was enjoying the article, until I got to page 2 where some of the text is covered by an ad for some piece of fuckwittery called Intel cloud finder.

Was the ad moveable or closeable? Of course not. Even worse, it had a little 'x' control - the universal symbol for close - that didn't close the ad, but allowed me to give feedback, including (oh the irony), 'ad covers the text'. Bloody hell. Why not both irritate me and patronise me all at the same time. Who creates this shit?

Well I will never ever buy, rent, lease or evaluate anything to do with finding bloody clouds. I bloody hate adverts. Every last one is parasitic shit.

Seriously El Reg, apply for a lottery grant, put up a paywall, get some hedge fund gimp boy to invest in you, but ditch the bloody ads. Please.

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