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LICKED: Behold my TOAD-PROOF ERECTION, boasts Aussie boffin

John Tserkezis

Sorta funny they brought them in to address the Sugar Cane Beetle problem, well, they licked that allright, and continued to eat everything else and multiply.

This is not the only thing the sugar industry has done to demonstrate their disregard for anything, they've lobbied polititians to have extensive amounts of water to them, to the determent of others, all for a product we don't need to survive.

Let's hope the toads are eradicated, the cane beetles come back, and their "vital" crops fall over. (*)

(*) I'm diabetic, so don't care if sugar is wiped out. Fruits make their own sugar, and no, Fruit Loops don't count as fruit so good riddance.

</endrant> Is there a maximum rant quota?

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