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Zimmermann slams Cameron’s ‘absurd’ plans for crypto ban


Nope. Don't get it.

Remove encryption and put us back in the 80s or 90's. Except we're not in the 80s or 90's. So not only will every spook in the world be able to see the traffic in clear sight, but every crim; malcontent; terrorist; skiddie; nosey parker; disgruntled employee; Tom; Dick or Harry (sorry Toms, Dicks and Harrys out there - references are not directed at any real person or individual living or dead - just to be clear). like someone previously mentioned, I'd go back to cash-only, writing letters with a pen on paper and posting them, ditch all my internet banking, close my Amazon account (not a bad thing, really), get ride of my mode (hurrah!), and so on.

Not to mention that it will totally undermine the city and all the good work and investment that's gone into making the financial powerhouse that it is - after all it's no good giving massive tax breaks to foreign investors then saying we're going to read everything you do and so can everyone else. Who'd come here for that? Unless they'll be exempt, of course...

They'll be saying we can't use passwords or AV next....

I voted for them last time - never ever voted for the other rabble who screw the country over every time they get in - but if this goes into the manifesto I'll vote for the Pub Landlord.

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