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Is it because a Linux user READ's the MANUAL ..... While windows users wait for a icon or IT to show them ? If U Had installed WINE in your linux it would run Win95 Software, no real need for original, really, but I do keep a VM of it, myself, Cause I am still maintaining software & machines I sold in 80's & 90"s ..

I have 1 who is still using SuperBase on Commodore 64, it's what he knows, & he refuses to change, and maybe that's the problem .... People stuck in their ways, refusing to learn NEW things, or spend more money on equipment ....

Linux Users on "High Horses", OMG, maybe it's the maniacs who keep throwing money @ MS & MaCrapple to solve problems by building a huge OS to cover EVERY possible user need, while Linux user's who just install what they need ... We don't need a 3d dancing paperclip with tits to keep us company while CONTINOUSLY update, scan for virus&malware, we know were our files are, we know what we are doing, we do not need Microsoft trying to own our hardware by it's OS ...

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