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You can't have perfect security, that's true. And most of what we see as "security" is, in Schneier's words, just "security theatre".

But there's precious little evidence that giving up freedoms increases security. And, more importantly, the "security" issue is not actually as important as we think(*). We've all seen the stat that more ppl died from avoiding air travel in the US after 9/11 than died from 9/11.

I haven't triple checked that fact, but I'm pretty damn sure more ppl dies in, say, OZ and UK from perfectly avoidable traffic accidents in the last 12 months than died from terrorism. The reason we focus on terrorism rather than significant risk is because we, as a species, are remarkably bad at intuitive statistics.

IOW, give any "free" nation time, regardless of the safeguards you try to put in place, and it'll eventually collapse from innate human imperfection.

Usually because people give in to authoritarian instincts. Look at Rome.

"Now you see that evil will always triumph...because good is dumb."

If terrorism in the last couple of years has proved anything beyond the barbarity of its perpetrators, it's proven that evil is, on average, way dumber than good.

(*): In most western countries. If you live in Iraq, Syria, or other countries, YMMV.

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