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Enough is enough: It's time to flush Flash back to where it came from – Hell

Manu T


"In its day, Flash was the kind of product Adobe does so well"

Incorrect!. It was originally from Macromedia NOT Adobe. Adobe bought the company and got Flash with it.

"This latest security vulnerability is, as always, triggered when the plugin tries to play a malicious Flash file – allowing hackers to download malware onto PCs and effectively hijack the computers so passwords and more can be stolen."

This is because all those morons abuse Flash to build application-like code! Flash wasn't intended to build apps but to make interactive and active (read: animated) webpages. If you use flash like it should then there aren't any problems at all.

"'s time to take the software round the back of the shed and shoot it... "

Big talk from an online "tech-"magazine that's lost a lot of credibility the last few years. Due to spilling nonsense like this. The only thing you do with articles like this, is spread FUD!

If Flash is used like should be and for what is was intended then there's no problem with Flash. Something everyone with enough common sense knows (or should know).

"...Even if Adobe put its top programmers working on Flash, a free piece of software, a lot of people around the world are very keen to find exploitable bugs in the plugin so they can break into victims' computers..."

Not to mention that spreading FUD like this only makes matters worse instead of ease the situation. Sure El Reg, we got it... YOU hate Flash... blablabla.

"Many netizens have recognized that Flash is too old and doddery ..."

You mean the gullible ones that take these articles seriously?

"The fact is, Flash is just not fit for purpose."

No it is PERFECTLY fit for the purpose it was intended! To build animated and interactive webpages! It's NOT fit to build applications and games.

"The worst, very worst, part of it all is that Steve Jobs was right."

No he wasn't! The reasons Jobs didn't want Flash had a more personal nature than he obviously wanted to admit. He used "security" as a sophism. But you are free to believe what you will. Fact is parroting Apple's specious arguments isn't helping anyone.

So stop spreading FUD and write some REALLY interesting tech-articles.

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