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Re: Plugins are actually the symptom, not the root problem

Indeed. People advocating for the ultimate quash of plugins are missing the point: the WWW itself was not intended to carry dynamic content at all. HTML has had a lot of stuff hacked in, from the hideous JavaScript to CSS and a lot of bloatware on top of that (AJAX! JSON!) to the point where JavaScript stuff has grown into being the same kind of bloatware that plugins have been anyway. There are sites which will make my smartphone hot just because of the crappy JavaScript stuff running in the background.

Plugins were made to add native programming functionality into websites, which can be good (Java), can be iffy (Flash), or can be downright hideous (ActiveX). The needs aren't going to go away just by banning plugins. Ideally we would have something better replace the WWW itself for "web app" stuff, but at the moment we have to work with what we have.

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