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Target demographic today even in (some) adventure games -->

"No doubt it’s also why the genre died a death too, only to be replaced by the more user-friendly "Telltale Games" style episodic gaming in more recent years."

Funny that, as I for one have no use for either "user-friendly" ("just keep clicking next, feel free to leave your brain in storage, we won't give you any choices that matter anyway") or "episodic" ("we can't be bothered to think up a properly epic Grand Adventure or any meaningful story progression for that matter, have fun with these five mini-monsters-du-jour - we'll throw in a level boss at the end for free, now bugger off") games. Oh, and the "remastered" GF...? Just give me the original one on GOG please - this one I'll pass. To be honest, I'm much more excited about Ron Gilbert's upcoming strictly-8-bit-look Thimbleweed Park than any modern Lucasian 'prettifying' attempts...

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