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Enough is enough: It's time to flush Flash back to where it came from – Hell

Greg J Preece

That was a bit vicious. The reason I discount the whole "Jobs was right" thing is two-fold:

1) He was stating the bloody obvious. HTML5 was being implemented at the time and its enhancements were fully intended by all parties to replace needless Flash installations. Now every time someone says "Flash is shite" everyone yells "seeJobswasrightomgwhatanamazingvisionary" when no-one was arguing that point.

2) He was only making his super-amazing-wise proclamations in response to people bugging him about why iOS didn't have Flash. He decided to point the finger at Adobe and get on a high-horse about how making things worse for the end-user was actually a feature - something they eagerly lapped up - rather than admit his devices were deficient compared to their competitors.

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