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"don't educate.. enslave"


the world CHOOSES Windows for 2 main reasons,

1) most people dont care how a computer works they just want to use it.

2) for me its mainly because of the vocal minions in the Linux community - there is nothing clever in making something complicated just because you can - click a button or type lines of case sensitive code to make something happen - give me the button every time.

The Linux community are the most unwelcoming arrogant bunch I have ever come across - I had a need to run Win 95 on a linux platform as a VM, I asked for help online and all I got was "why the hell would anyone...... M$ *&$!"$!"%" - BECAUSE I WANT OR NEED TO THATS WHY !!!!

I ask a question on an MS forum and (apart from the ones who always state the obvious) I usually have a sensible reply in a short time.

I bought a Pi because I wanted to learn, instead I got something that didnt work out of the box without me modifying my config file in my Win 7 laptop first. A platform that updates itself before it will let me in, not download the files in the background and then apply on reboot, and a platform that has commands that are so unforgiving they have to be in the right case, in the right place etc. etc.

You want people to embrace Linux - try getting of the high horses and actually help people, if your product is that good constant badmouthing the opposition wont mean a damn - and boy do I mean constant.

Ive been into PC's since the first ones hit desks early 80's, Ive always tried to make life easier for the people I support, and not once in all that time have I derided them for asking a question - cant say the same about every question Ive asked about Linux.

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