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That must be why the iPhone wasn't one of the first to support HTML5 video.

It's arguable that the Apple's products still don't properly support HTML5 as they only support one codec and container format. When writing the HTML you have to take Apple's idiosyncrasies into account and put its favoured formats first otherwise it won't work. The support in the browser was a side-effect of the implementation in I-Tunes. I'm not saying that browsers aren't better off without plugins like Flash, and I'm pretty glad Apple used its muscle to encourage others to change, but their motivation was mainly anti-competitive.

Remember the trailer for some product launch or other a couple of years ago that Apple implemented as a series of JPEGs controlled by Javascript? And have you seen how few other HTML5 bits have been adopted by Apple? Especially since Google forked WebKit? Now that it has its walled garden* Apple is no longer interested in developing the web.

* Something that millions are people are happy with.

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