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"Now the other thing, bugs doesn't just go away because you uninstall an offending plugin." - What uninstalling an utterly useless and offending plugin does do however is reduce the number of attack vectors without actually causing any real implications or inconveniences.

And one important aspect of security is to keep installations minimal. More applications, services and plugins equals to more code to exploit. If a given feature isn't required it shouldn't be there if it is within your capability to disable or fully eradicate it.

Seeing how Adobe finds it quite fit however to take its own sweet time to mend the vulnerability (note that a patch hasn't been released yet) despite evidence that said vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild by a common exploit kit does make one quite inclined to proceed with the eradication route especially when the plugin in question is no longer as necessary to browse the internet as it used to be.

Don't get me wrong though. I do agree with some of your points. But as someone who has been without Flash on a personal level for quite some years I find it difficult to vouch for its usefulness. Yes, the majority of the attackers will be (or have already begun experimenting on) exploiting the "next big whatever" and that is when the evaluation of subsequent countermeasures should take place in order to minimize ones exposure to the vast majority of threats.

Terminating Flash isn't a permanent solution to staying safe online. But *right now* it isn't an unreasonable solution either.

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