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Oki dokies. Enough is enough Fuckobe. Flash is out.

This is our last five Flash deployments along with their respective dates (and we typically patch within 48 hours following the availability of an update);

Adobe Flash Player v15.0.0.223 - 20141112

Adobe Flash Player v15.0.0.239 - 20141126

Adobe Flash Player v16.0.0.235 - 20141210

Adobe Flash Player v16.0.0.257 - 20150114

Adobe Flash Player v16.0.0.296 - 20150128

Really? Five fucking patches within a 77-day timeframe with the last patch issued less than a week ago and already there is another security advisory for this god damned excuse of a browser plugin which is once again demonstrated to contain more vulnerabilities and require more patching than entire bloody operating systems?

Just issued an enterprise-wide uninstall of this pile of crap. Should've done so ages ago and frankly speaking if Flash is a crucial and required component for the functionality of a given website then the webmaster really does have bigger concerns since mobile devices aren't exactly known to be very friendly towards Flash.

And while we're on the topic of Adobe being security-incompetent my reseller had once told me that they were given firm instructions by Adobe themselves to always claim that Adobe's products and services are "very secure". I cannot recall the exact phrase but it was along the line of "we were told to always claim that Adobe and Creative Cloud are "very secure" when asked."

Ha... ha... HA... HAHAHAHAHA.

Yeah. So "secure" indeed that my dedicated E-Mail alias for my Adobe ID is subject to spam attempts multiple (up to a dozen) times an hour because Adobe can't fucking "secure" their website and databases either. I have since changed said E-Mail alias but it continues to stick out like a sore thumb every single time I need to review my mail exchange logs.

News Flash Adobe...

"Security" is a little bit more than just pulling the word out of your arses.

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