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I didn't think that all Rpis would come with Win 10 as standard. Is this the case?

If so then Rpi is just a crock.. don't educate.. enslave.

Like some bank ads (don't see enough ads to remember which bank) for computer programming.... Drag and drop this icon here and type plain English into this box... Congratz you are now a computer programmer.

If the teachers haven't a clue.... And they won't have in a generation or two because they will be brought up on this bullshit, neither will the kids..

I can't code in assembler. Too much thinking and hard work, maybe I ain't smart enough.

Anything less than assembler/machine code is bending to another's will. It's yet another layer of abstraction from what is really happening. Another layer of wool over their eyes.

Unfortunately those that are responsible for the curriculum and the education of our children haven't a clue now let alone in a generation or two.

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