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I looked at that chip, it was more expensive than the no.1 best seller on amazon fwiw - 4790K or something.

You're right about OC'ing, it's not really worth it unless you're seeing the best part of a GHz or thereabouts. I did spend a long time testing my system and it's been rock solid ever since. I do audio stuff so I really need those cycles. I do 3D rendering as well, so you know... Like Tesco say...

I may not even end up building a system. The guy that said about the Intel gouging was right I think.

I'll probably draw a balance and see if I can pick up a chip like yours, and just do a build from another generation back or so. But why the older chips are more expensive than the newer ones, I still need to figure out. Some of them were going for silly money as well. Oh well, I guess they are proven Overclockers.


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