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Decisions, decisions...

I've been looking around for a new chip to OC.

I took a 2.6GHz i5 up to 3.6GHz at stock temps with air cooling. I ran every test under the sun - prime95, OCCT, LINPACK and it passed with flying colours.

The trouble is now, the new chips aren't much faster than the older chips, and there is temperature differential to be taken into consideration as well. I guess that is why some older, slighty slower chips cost more than newer ones.

I'm looking at the i5 again. Would like to spend not more than 150 quid unless I really have to. I'm looking for a good overclocker and would be happy with anything that could take me up to over 4GHz comfortably, with added air cooling of course.

Any advice?

I'll probably trawl the OC forums again and work it all out, but there seems to be a bit of 'meh' there as well. Hence me posting this here. I know I can build a system for the same price as the old one (2010) and have it run a comfortable 1GHz more on four cores, but what bloody chip? The prices seem to be fluctuating quite a bit too since new year.

There again, I could just buy a Dell for 300 quid and pray to the great computer god. Lot less hassle. Lot less fun though. I don't mind waiting a while, but chips don't seem to be getting much faster, and they certainly aren't getting any cheaper. From my humble perspective anyway. Always happy to be corrected by those that know a bit more...

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